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Any request for a casting or fabrication bid on monumental or life size sculpture should include the following information: Photos from several angles showing detail and overall composition. If an enlargement is required, dimensions of the original maquette and projected dimensions of the finished enlargement. The desired casting metal and a clear description of the final finish and patina. Engineering and building code requirements, including support inner structure, and mounting or installation needs. The medium (e.g. wax, clay, wood, or stone) of the original to be molded, and whether it needs to be kept whole, or can be disassembled as part of the molding process. Edition size, and any other factors that may affect the desired longevity of the mold. Any production or installation schedules or deadlines, and whether delivery and installation services are required.

Bid Request Form

After completion of this form you should receive a confirmation to the email listed above. If you have not heard back from us in a reasonable amount of time, do not hesitate to email us directly at or call us at (541)-432-7551.

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Current News

  • 2/22/16 - New Site Launch. The Valley Bronze website is now responsive. This will help users better view the site on a wide range of devices. Individual artist bio's and highlights of past projects are still being updated, check back soon to see the progress.

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