Valley Bronze is known for great fine art castings, but we also offer a wide range of other services. Our ability to cast in a variety of metals, as well as our skilled staff, allows us to acomplish most casting tasks our customers require. See below for the different services we provide with a short description and some photo examples of completed work. Do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions about your next sculpture or casting project.

Fine Art Sculpture

Quality fine art casting begins with excellence in quality control. Because our quality control personnel work so closely with the artists that we serve, we are able to ensure that our casting work meets the demanding specifications that our artists require. No work is shipped until it has been inspected by the supervisors in each department that every casting passes through on its journey toward completion. Metal work is inspected for the integrity of its welds, the quality of its finish, and ultimately for the superiority of its patina. At each stage, we strive to create finished castings that are true to the artist's original intentions.

Our adherence to these stringent quality control measures have given us a well-earned reputation as a foundry that creates truly exceptional castings, and is the reason why so many artists and corporations rely on us for their casting needs.

Visit the artist page to see a list of accomplished artists that have chosen Valley Bronze to cast and finish there sculptures.

To request a bid to have a fine art piece cast by Valley Bronze, please fill out the bid reqeust form.

  • Rough Casting Examples
  • Rough Casting Examples

Rough Casting Services

Equipped with both electric induction and gas melting furnaces, Valley Bronze has tremendous volume capacity and rapid turn-around times to best serve those customers who plan to utilize our casting services only, and who choose to finish their metalwork projects separately.

Custom Part Manufacturing

Evolving as a specialized service for small manufacturing clients engaged in producing antique airplane and yacht hardware, Valley Bronze can produce small runs of investment and basic small cast parts in many different metal alloys and specifications with surprising efficiency.

To discuss your requirements, please contact us.

Ornamental Metal Services

The casting and fabrication of bas relief bronze cathedral doors, as well as most of the ornamental metal work that adorns the National World War II Memorial in Washington D.C., has led Valley Bronze to actively expand its ornamental metal fabrication services.

Horn and Antler Reproduction

Valley Bronze has the ability to make reproductions of your trophy horns, antlers, or sheds and cast them in a variety of metals with accurate detail. Display your trophy buck or bull indoors or outdoors with lasting quality. Call or email today to inquire about our horn and antler reproduction services.
  • Wall of Stars at the WWII Memorial
  • Horn and Antler Reproduction

  • Guardian of the Reef
  • Bulls at Reliant Stadium

Monumental Sculpture Services

A foundry's ability to create monumental bronze castings depends on specialized facilities and equipment, but this is just one aspect of what is involved in the monumental casting process. We offer our clients the consultation and services required for them to make the proper decisions regarding the commission of a large-scale sculpture. Because monumental sculptures are often commissioned by corporations and institutions that lack experience with fine art casting projects, we utilize our experience and expertise to make the commission process smooth and trouble-free.

For instance, we can coordinate "point-up" enlargements of small-scale original sculptures into faithful duplicates that are larger than life-sized. Likewise, we can locate artists who are able to execute the creation of the particular sculptural project that a corporation or institution has in mind. Hence, our clients are not required to provide us with a completed full-size original sculpture in order for us to create a monumental bronze that they will be proud of. We offer consultation for all aspects of a monumental work's conception, design, or execution, and can also complete proper on-site installation of large-scale works.

Awards and Trophies

Custom bronze trophies are the perfect way to commemorate an event or special individual achievement. Valley Bronze specializes in the casting and production of custom trophies in any quantity. Available in any patina with the base of your choice, we can also engrave plaques to personalize each one. Working with large clients like Safari Club International and Corporate Inspired Creations shows we have the experience and expertise to handle your trophy or award with professional care. To inquire about your trophy or award please call or email us today.
  • Trophy Example

    Fred Boyer Elk Bust
  • Safari Club Trophy

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  • 2/22/16 - New Site Launch. The Valley Bronze website is now responsive. This will help users better view the site on a wide range of devices. Individual artist bio's and highlights of past projects are still being updated, check back soon to see the progress.

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