WWII Memorial - Washington D.C.

WWII Highlights

In the spring of 2002, Valley Bronze was contracted to provide the ornamental bronze work for the World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Valley Bronze, in conjunction with Stewart Springs Ltd., won the contract over eight other firms bidding for the job. While working as a subcontractor for Tompkins / Grunley-Walsh, Valley Bronze was responsible for the production of several thousand bronze pieces now adorning the memorial

Production Views

  • An artisan removes, or "chases," any imperfections in the wreath segment's wax pattern.

  • A wreath segment's ceramic shell is created by dipping the wax in slurry and silica sand.

  • Artisans pour molten bronze into the wreath's ceramic shell.

  • An artisan removes the ceramic shell from a bronze wreath segment.

  • A polished wreath segment ready for assembly.

  • A fully assembled and polished wreath is ready for patina.

  • The wreath's patina is applied to complete the process.

  • A completed wreath awaiting shipment to the memorial jobsite.

  • A VB artisan applies green verde patina to the flagpole base.

  • Flagpole base (without medallions) awaiting shipment to memorial jobsite.

  • Stainless steel inner-structure for memorial flagpole base.

  • Army service medallion for memorial flagpole base.

Installation Views

  • VB workers hoist a segment of the "Freedom Wall" into place. Each segment, including the hundreds of gold-plated stainless steel stars, was manufactured by Valley Bronze.

  • Bronze wreaths, still in packaging, ready to be hung on the bronze armatures already installed atop the granite pillars.

  • Decorative bronze "rope" installed between the granite columns.

  • A VB worker installs one of 224 bronze wreaths that adorn the memorial. Our company's "turn-key" project approach, from design to production to installation, can be seen in action.

Completed Views

  • The "Freedom Wall" of the memorial. Each gold-plated, stainless steel star commemorates the over 400,000 Americans who lost their lives during World War II.

  • 112 twin bronze wreaths commemorate every state and territory in the union.

  • View of wreaths with the Washington Monument in the background.

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